Hello World

Hello world,

Oh lovely world,

This is the first post upon the news page.

Yet there is no news yet, other than that, soon…

There will be.

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Colourful round garden ornaments that twirl in the wind, set up at the Christmas Country Fete.

October Update

Just a short update… If you’re reading this, this website has made it to a new server!   We’re also trialing .co.nz URL instead of .com, to make it clearer that we’re New Zealand based.     The Christmas Country Fête The Christmas Country Fête, whose website we built and maintain, had

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Bright spring flowers, in red, yellow, purple, and blue.

September Update

Spring is here, and we’ll be spring cleaning websites this month. Join in the fun with S.P.R.I.N.G… S is for Server, P is for Plugins, R is for Review, I is for Intent, N is for Navigation, and G is for Graphics. Such fun!

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Website screenshot of The Christmas Country Fete

June Update

Happy New Website… Happy New Website day to The Christmas Country Fête! The new website for The Fête is up and running, with Early Bird tickets now available for purchase. What we’ve been up to: It has been a busy month here, and I missed writing a June update.  (Though,

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