Screenshot from showing that this website produces 83% less carbon than other sites tested.
Screenshot from showing that this website produces 83% less carbon than other sites tested.

April Update

First quarter of the ‘real’ year, last quarter of the financial year, and the penultimate quarter of the astronomical year in the southern hemisphere… Done!

If that didn’t make any sense to you, you can safely ignore it.  As they say, “anyone can write anything on the internet”.  And purely by the inclusion of a little nonsense, you can safely assume this was written by a human.  And not the office dog, or cat, or chatgpt.

Now for more serious matters…

Getting Seriously Green

We’re always looking to reduce our environmental impact here at Easy Web Things.  

We provide carbon neutral hosting for wordpress sites, and so we’re stoked to be listed on the Green Web Foundations Green Hosting Directory 

We’re also really happy to be getting good results on and we want to improve the scores of our customers sites too.  

Screenshot from showing that this website produces 83% less carbon than other sites tested.

3 quick tips for a greener website

1. Lighten up!

Declutter, get rid of any clutter or features your site doesn’t really need.  

2. Speed it up!

Optimise images, and use a CDN.  

3. Make it easy!

Make it quick, clear, and easy, for your websites visitors to find what they need.  

Want green hosting?

We would be happy to host you, but be aware we only host sites that are build by ourselves or our associates.

This is because a neglected site can affect everyone on a shared server, so we want to be sure we host sites that are regularly maintained and updated.

If you’re looking to host a site that you will build and maintain yourself, we recommend Green Geeks

Dreaming of a decentralised boutique solar powered data centre...

One day, when I have the spare time and money, I’d love to build a small locally owned and operated data centre using renewable resources for hosting our sites.  Hey, if you want to give me a big lump of money to do it, I’ll find the time! 

Thanks for reading!

Well that’s about all I have time to write right now.  

Hope you have a great April!

– Kristie

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