Easy Web Things

Our Services

Designing and Building Websites

We design and build new websites, rebuild old websites, or migrate websites from other platforms to WordPress

Website Maintenance, Management, and Updates

We like to provide hosting and support plans so that you get the most of the websites we build.  Monthly site maintenance, content updates, and whatever your site needs.


We provide hosting for WordPress websites we have built, and that we maintain.  

Designing and Building Websites

Brand new Websites:

We can build new sites from scratch including branding consultations with a graphic designer.  Whether you need a simple brochure site, or eCommerce, a Learning Management System, or other functionality, we can help.



Site Rebuilds and Platform migrations:

If you have a WordPress site that needs improving, changes in requirements, or rebuilding we can help.  We can also move your website from another platform to WordPress.  



Working with your in-house designers

While we can supply design including graphic design, we can also work with your in-house designers to bring their ideas to life.

Website Maintenance and Management

Easy Monthly Maintenance:

Our basic maintenance plan includes hosting, monthly updates and basic function testing, and an hour of time per month for requested content updates.  This plan is only available for websites we’ve built and currently host.



Comprehensive Website Maintenance and Management:

We keep your site meeting your expectations, ranking well, and running smoothly.  Tasks can include anything website related, from implementing new features and adding functionality, to content writing, optimisation, redesigns, troubleshooting, SEO and more.  


WordPress Hosting

We can provide reliable hosting for sites we’ve built and have an ongoing maintenance plan for.

We host your site here in Aotearoa New Zealand, where 80% of electricity is produced sustainably.  We support the restoration of New Zealand native forests by offsetting the carbon produced by hosting your website.  

We use LiteSpeed for great WordPress performance.

Website Maintenance and Management

Our website management options make web things easy


Reliable local carbon-offset hosting, with LiteSpeed.

Monthly Maintenance

Keep your site secure and functioning well on the ever-changing internet.

Regular Content Updates

Fresh content keeps your site relevant for visitors and search engines.