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About us...

Easy Web Things design, build, maintain, manage, and host useful WordPress websites for small businesses.

From simple brochure sites, to eCommerce, LMS’s, and websites with custom functionality.  We provide an ongoing personalised service for our clients so they are never left unsupported.


Easy Web Things is based in Aotearoa New Zealand.  


“Kristie worked with our international team for two years on tight budgets and multiple time zones. She immediately proved herself a multi-talented and dedicated project manager, and website and educational services developer, who consistently demonstrates exceptional organizational skills. I have been impressed by her ability to motivate and lead teams to success, all while ensuring that projects were delivered on time and within budget.”

Rebekah Wilson

Source Elements CEO

“Kristie from Easy Web Things is the best person to look after your website for you. Not only did she design a beautiful aesthetically appealing website, but it has made a world of difference for me and my business The Rock Factory to have the peace of mind that a capable and dedicated person is looking after our website and making sure everything is up to date. Like her brand name, she makes websites easy to deal with.”

Michelle Klaessens-Rawston

The Rock Factory Managing Director

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