How we can make your life easier.

A lot of small and even medium-sized businesses, are trapped in a place where they don’t really have the time to manage their website themselves, and they can’t quite justify employing staff just for this purpose.

I see websites that haven’t had a style update in years, websites that don’t work well on phones, websites where you have to click through 10 pages to find a contact phone number, websites that have been hacked because security updates have been neglected, websites that haven’t kept with the current requirements for search engines. Websites covered in horrible third-party ads, distracting from the genuine products and services people are supplying. Websites optimised for old-school SEO requirements and not real human customers.

Different businesses have different website requirements, and thats why we work closely with you to determine your needs.

Someone running a small local service business, such as a lawn-mowing business, might only require a single page that lets customers know their contact details, areas they cover, and approximate price information.

Another business may benefit from providing customers with a way to book appointments, minimising the time the business needs to spend on the phone taking appointments. A hair salon is a classic example of this.

Some companies might need online stores. These are becoming easier to use and more and more popular, and many customers appreciate the ease these provide.

Larger companies may need to provide appointment booking, customer support chat, quote request forms, online stores, documentation, online learning, and more. We can research what will make your life easier, and your customers lives easier.

If you can make your customers experience with your business easy and low stress, they are more likely to recommend you to others, and to become repeat customers.

Giving your customers a pleasant web experience, is an easy improvement to make when you work with us.

We will be free to begin taking on new clients in 2023.

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