Kicking off 2023

Suddenly it’s February…

Busy January… so let’s just kick off the new year a little late!


At the end of 2022 I handed over a new site for Source Elements Academy.

Source Elements Academy provides in-depth online courses to Source Elements customers and staff.  

Due to my audio background, I had been involved in Source Elements Academy since 2021. Before creating the newest version of this site I had been writing course content and quizzes, creating technical diagrams and slides, and you can even spot me in a couple of educational videos if you know where to look.

The new site makes it easier for students to find their online courses and view their progress, and its now easier and more cost effective for the company to maintain this website in-house. 


During January I’ve begun new website projects with:

  • an Auckland event production company
  • a Canterbury scenic camera site
  • a Tauranga Orchard
  • and my own business Easy Web Things


I’d like to introduce Easy Web Things new Social Media Manager, Mosaic the Office Cat.  

Mosaic has been a hard working Office Cat since I began working remotely at the start of the pandemic.  

When I started Easy Web Things this year, she was very keen to be promoted to the role of Social Media Manager.

She is looking forward to engaging with other office cats online, and maybe even a few humans as well.  

Thank You....

Thank you to Michelle at Maglev Studios for the Easy Web Things logo design! 

It’s been great fun working with Michelle, she is an awesome and experienced graphic designer among her many other skills, and I will be trying to involve her in as many future projects as I can.  

If you need a new website this year, get in touch! 

Follow us on social media to enjoy the adventures of Mosaic the Office Cat as she takes on her first Social Media Manager job: 

– Blogged by Kristie

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